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NHL Hockey Lockout, Winter Blues Fix - Top Ten Hockey Movies Rated by Fans on DigiTitles.com

With the NHL lockout continuing with no end in sight, DigiTitles.com surveyed its users and movie fan ratings from leading entertainment sites to create its Top Ten Hockey Movie List.

Montreal, December 06, 2012

With the NHL and NHL Players Association still working on a deal, DigiTitles.com, the site that delivers behind the scenes and extras content, has compiled movie and hockey fan picks of the Top-Ten hockey movies to help hockey fans survive the long winter.

The Top-Ten list comes from user picks and ratings given by fans of hockey movies, with classics from different eras making the cut. With the influence of American votes and because it's one of the greatest moments in the history of sports, 'Miracle', the story of the 1980 USA Olympic men's hockey team edged out 1977's Slap Shot for the gold medal.

In 'Miracle', the original commentators (Al Michaels and Ken Dryden) recreated the play-by-play commentary for the games but the director chose to use actual game footage for the famous closing moments and one of the greatest calls in sports history: Michaels asks: "Do you believe in miracles?" and answers his own question, exclaiming: "Yes!" You can relive that moment here on DigiTitles.

There's lots of other great content from Miracle including bloopers, behind the scenes videos, interesting facts and more on the DigiTitles Miracle page.

Number-3 on the list is particularly timely. It's the story of NHL hall of famer Ted Lindsay's battle to strengthen the players' position and have them recognized as full-time employees in an age when the owners had all the power.

Here is DigiTitles' Top Ten Hockey Movies list with links to extra behind-the-scenes content:

  1. Miracle
  2. Slap Shot
  3. Net Worth
  4. The Sweater
  5. Mystery, Alaska
  6. The Mighty Ducks
  7. The Rocket
  8. Les Boys
  9. Happy Gilmore
  10. Youngblood

Honorable mentions: Goon, Slap Shot 2: Breaking the Ice, MVP: Most Valuable Primate, Sudden Death, D2: The Mighty Ducks, D3: The Mighty Ducks, Breakaway.
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