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Uploaded on: March 31, 2012
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Toy Story 3
Lee Unkrich who edited the previous Toy Story films and co-directed the second, was chosen to take over the position of director from John Lasseter.

Blake Clark became the voice of Slinky Dog after Jim Varney died in 2000.Share this

This was the first Pixar film to be released in IMAX.

Originally, a sequel to Toy Story was planned when it seemed that Disney and PIXAR would split over creative differences in 2004-2005. Disney started an animation division titled 'Circle 7,' which would have been in charge of making sequels for PIXAR films that would not involve the original creators at PIXAR. Entertainment Weekly published an article that said the original plot for Toy Story 3 was going to be about Buzz Lightyear having a defect. Buzz would then be shipped to Taiwan to be fixed, but the other toys find out that the toy company is just replacing the broken Buzz toys with new ones, so they ship themselves to Taiwan to rescue him. This script was canned when PIXAR and Disney made amends. Part of their agreement was to not further develop projects that had been planned during their fallout.
The letters/numbers "A113", which can be seen in most of the Pixar films, make an appearance on a license plate on the back of Andy's Mom's car. A113 is a reference to the room at CalArts where the Pixar Animators studied. The car itself bears resemblance to an Opel/Vauxhall Zafira.
Barbie's blue workout outfit is based on the 1984 "Great Shape" Barbie Doll. The Ken doll in the movie is modeled after "Animal Lovin" Ken from 1988.
In Andy's room, there is a pennant for "PU." Pixar has a filmmaking school for their employees called Pixar University - PU.
Director Lee Unkrich provided the voice for the Jack in the Box that yells "New toys!" to Andy's toys when they arrive at SunnySide.
The screenplay took two and a half years to write and storyboard.
During the film, Ken wears 21 different outfits.
Woody has 229 animation points of movement, also known as avars, in his face whilst Buzz has 215. 
There are a total of 302 characters in the film.
At one point in the film, Mr. Potato Head scurries across a toy piano. The notes heard are the "Petrushka chord," a recurring motif from a ballet composed by Igor Stravinsky about a puppet who comes to life.
The number on the locomotive at the beginning of the film is 95, a reference to the year that the first Toy Story was released.
The Pizza Planet delivery truck, which has appeared in every Pixar film, is the truck that Lotso and his friends hitch a ride on in a flashback sequence. Andy has a calendar from Pizza Planet in his bedroom.
When Woody comes back to Sunnyside to save the toys and enters the Caterpillar room through the ceiling, he lands on top of a shelf and runs past bins labeled "Toys", "Glue", etc. The name of the font used is called "Andy".
Toy Story 3 is the second Pixar movie to contain subtitles (after The Incredibles).
The peas in a pod are based on one of the Vegimals, stuffed toys that resemble fruits and vegetables with faces.  They were produced by Freemountain Toys in the late 1970s.
This is the first feature film released in Dolby Surround 7.1. The Dolby Surround 7.1 format is made up of eight channels of audio, with the following channel layout: Left, Center, Right, Low-Frequency Effects (LFE), Left Surround, Right Surround, Back Surround Left (new), and Back Surround Right (new).
The Western opening was an idea originally thought up for Toy Story that did not make it into the final cut.

"Chuckles" the clown appears in Toy Story on the "last present" as wrapping paper, except he is smiling.
Originally, Lee Unkrich wanted Lotso to be a toy from The Care Bears Family toy line. This idea was not dropped until after the storyboard was completed.
The instant message Trixie receives from Velocistar237 on the computer reads, "U there? I made it 2 the Dark Fortress!!"
In Andy's room is a street sign with "W. Cutting Blvd" on it. That is the street where the original Pixar studios in Richmond, CA was located.
This is the only Toy Story film not to receive a 100% fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes. However, it still received a relatively high score of 99%.
During the early development stages, when the people behind the film sat down to look at their work from the original Toy Story, they found they could not edit any of the old 3D models because advances in technology rendered the digital files containing the models incompatible with newer software. As a consequence of this, everything had to be recreated from scratch.
For inspiration for the Sunnyside escape, the Pixar staff watched numerous prison movies. Director Lee Unkrich said, "There are a lot of prison movies out there, and I think we watched every single one of them."

As of 2010, Toy Story 3 is the highest-grossing animated movie of all time. It made one billion dollars at the worldwide box office. 
In an interview with KCRW's movie industry radio show "The Business," Joan Graves, the chair of the MPAA's Classification and Ratings Administration, admitted that giving Toy Story 3 a G rating was a mistake, that it should have at least gotten a PG (especially because of the incinerator scene), and that the lesson learned in that case would be applied to future movie ratings so that movies would no longer be given the "benefit of the doubt" while being rated.
An early version of Lotso can be seen in the first Toy Story film during the staff meeting. Woody asks if the toys "up on the shelf can hear" him, and we see a shot of a big, pinkish bear. John Lasseter wanted to use Lotso in the original Toy Story but PIXAR had troubles getting the fur right.
When Barbie is going through Ken's closet, they come across a blue and gold letterman jacket with a "K" embroidered on the breast and a "State" pennant laying across the front. Michael Keaton, who does the voice of Ken, graduated from Kent State University, whose colors are blue and gold. In another reference to old schools, near the beginning of the movie, a sticker resembling the Clemson Tigers helmet can be seen on the toy box. It is actually a reference to director Lee Unkrich's high school alma mater, the Chagrin Falls Tigers.

In the South African release, the Chatterbox Phone is voiced by Jeremy Mansfield, a popular DJ known for his telephone based practical jokes.
Director Lee Unkrich's son Max drew Daisy's name on Big Baby's pendent and Bonnie's name on her backpack. His other children drew the pictures shown in Bonnie's room.
The tango song that Jessie and Buzz dance to is a Spanish version of "You've Got A Friend In Me", and is performed by the Gipsy Kings.
For Big Baby's one line for the entire movie, "Mama", the crew had a lot of babies audition by recording them saying the line. Ironically, the baby who was chosen was named Woody. In fact, Lee Unkrich joked that was the reason why they chose that baby.
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